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Guidelines for Panelists

a. In addition to the community guidelines on the open podcast, members should have a natural, open, and thoughtful conversation with each other.

Members should express their ideas with freedom, scientific principles, and with an open-source spirit.

b. The open podcasts are attended and seen by a global and diverse audience, joining from all across the world. Therefore, members should only briefly introduce themselves such that the attendees connect with them for the ensuing conversation. A brief personal introduction should be given by members (generally the moderator introduces but it is always a good idea for each member to speak for themselves).

c. Community consensus proposes members as speakers in these podcasts, who are visible subject matter experts in the Foundation's public forum #openpodcast. These members generally have a public trail of their profile and podcast participants speak more about their experiences on the subject matter.

d. Read the Foundation's list of sensitivity. When expressing ideas on these subjects, members should be encouraged to express in a well-articulated manner (to avoid public distortion of member's views) and generally avoid polarisation of public views. πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ

e. Music 🎢, poems, and any other form of art should be exhibited by the members and if possible, tune in your musical instruments right before the podcast starts.

f. MOST IMPORTANT SOUNDS πŸ‘€: Please broadcast from a peaceful, serene, and beautiful space, equipped with noise cancellation. This is generally a waterfall, your home office, near the sea, or on top of a mountain. Members should join the broadcast from a space where there is less to negligible sound interference.

Naturally, restaurants and salons should not be your preferred spot from where a member broadcasts.

At times, noise reduction may not be possible in the environment.

Speakers should try to use noise cancellation approaches/devices to broadcast their stream from such environments. One of the examples is when members may have to join from Ground Zero or a Crisis spot.

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